Your BAA Race Could Be an Eye Opening Experience

I’m unsure about whether I’ll seek a charity bib in 2015, there is a good possibility that I will but if I don’t…  I will definitely be running the 2015 BAA 5k Blindfold Challenge and fundraising for either Perkins, National Braille Press or the Mass Association for the Blind.

I am really going against my coaches advice “to live in the present” in posting this – so let me put put another purpose to this post:

If you know any runners that aren’t running Boston but want to find a way to be connected to this year’s very special marathon weekend, and they have the heart to fundraise (it’s only $500 peeps this is totally doable!) – send them to to be apart of this amazing challenge. I can promise you it will be an eye opening experience – or rather eyes shut 🙂guide

This year I hope to attend the BAA 5K so I can cheer on those runners who bring funds to this cause that is close to my family’s heart. Sign up and I’ll cheer you on! I really hope to do it myself some day. I feel like it would bring me some peace to my heart. Maybe I can’t give vision back to my brothers eyes, but if I can help bring the right resources to people like him – I’m ready to sign on the dotted line.

Think about it friends and followers 🙂



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