Finally 14!

The number 14 has significance for me today

  • February 14th I had my appendix removed
  • 14 days ago I was leaving the hospital after surgery
  • Today I pulled 14 miles out of my hip pocket, my longest run in this crazy training season to date. 3 weeks ago I was supposed to run 14 miles and it didn’t go well, so it felt good to do this today!
  • The year is 2014 and so far it is off to an amazing start thanks to my current motto of “making my life better.” Which isn’t a reflection of my life being bad in anyway, it’s been pretty awesome for a while now. But the motto is meant to help me prioritize the things I want to get done and to bring stress relief when I find my situation where I don’t know what to do.
  • There is even a 14 in my current fundraising total: $2147, just over 20% of the way to my $10,000 goal for Mass Mentoring

And alas, here is a recap after my run, just some good endorphins to share with all my followers! I also offer a shout-out to special friend and sponsor for her support over the years. She popped into my head during the run today and kept me going!

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