Runner Personas Part I

After training for the Boston Marathon as a charity runner for 3 years, I am starting to feel like I am seeing some patterns in the people I encounter on the road. Today I kept a mental note of people I interacted with or experienced in order to put together this blog post. I narrowed the list down by only sharing the “people” I know I have encountered numerous times over the years. And so without further adieu I present to you a few runner personas I saw come into play today at our 13 miler:

●First there is the high five runner – (these runners trust you don’t pick your nose while running)
●The name-dropper. The teammate that yells your name as loud as she can! This makes you both look cool in front of everyone else.
●The “hey!” girl.  The runner that gets so excited to see you and says hello so loudly that you reciprocate that same enthusiasm.  Then you spend 2 miles trying to figure out where you know her from and decide she just thought you were someone else. (You did appreciate the hello however!)
●The Speed Angel or hot stranger, who is far from danger unless you mean he’s wicked cute. Usually when he talks you can’t hear what he is saying because you are just amazed thay he is using his breath to encourage you. You then wonder “does he do this for everyone he sees or am I special?” Then, a mile later when you catch a dose of runners-high you decide,  “I’m special.”
●The speed demon. These people don’t even crack a smile at a fellow runner who says “good morning” or waves. They usually also hog the road when space is scarce. Here is an example of a real speed demon encounter from today – someone asked me for the time, and then didn’t even slow down so I could check my watch,  I had to yell down the street to tell him!
●The concise cheerleader.  “JOB!” (runner speak for good job!) Or “Alright?” (another runner wanting to make sure you are doing okay when you aren’t looking so hot) This person is the perfect balance of speed demon and speed angel.  They cared enough to notice you, but wants to get straight to the point.
●The talker. The person who prefers to run in a pack so they have someone to chat with. (Note: its not fun to be anywhere around a pack of single girls talking about their dating life. Run faster)
●The unoblivious.  This person hardly looks at traffic lights or cars behind them on one way streets. This runner makes our whole community seem wicked rude and self involved and that is far from the case!
●The anti-social. The runner who looks away when you make eye contact or smile. You wonder what they are fighting within themselves to make them do that.
●The grumpy pedestrian. This guy gets into arguments with cars for blocking crosswalks or not looking. We all feel this way inside,  but this guy is always looking to fight
● The grumpy old geezer – (yet, you admire him). You laughed right?  But you’ve seen him.  The guy who inspires you to keep doing exactly what you are doing until you are exactly his age. (I have tested this a few times, these men don’t tend to say hello back or smile – I am convinced my youth irritates them, thus the the “grumpy”)
●The selfie runner. (that’s me!) This runner loves to share his or her running on social media so they take out their phone to document the experience.  He or she doesn’t know how to run and not post about it.
● The drama queen (also me!) This runner can get all upset when a run isn’t going well. Although he or she can power through, unfortunately everyone on the road will know her troubles because she may just shed a few tears on walk breaks. High fivers, name droppers and speed angels really make her run better. The drama queen also isn’t afraid to use her emotions to her advantage – i.e. turning on some waterworks to use a bathroom at a restaurant. (and yes I did this today!)
● The charity runner (that’s me too!) This runner gets to wear awesome swag on the course and at races. This runner also has all the positive personas above! (Why? When you run with a team and for a good cause most likely you are not a total d-bag, make sense?) Plus charity runners almost always finish! (Why? Because they are running for something bigger than them! Their running is their way of serving others!) Proud to be a member of this group!

To donate to my 3rd Boston Marathon for Mass Mentoring visit

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