Living Single, Dream or Nightmare?

After ABC’s show The Bachelor launched its finale last night, of course they are already planning the equally loved Bachelorette. I no longer watch any of these shows, as I work on Mondays and don’t have DVR. Shocking on the last part I know, seems everyone has DVR these days!

So if I didn’t watch it, why am I writing about the Bachelorette? There is a point I promise. I found out I have a roommate moving in next month, so I am nostalgically laying to rest the year and some change that came before , a time I am hoping to define  as my “bachelorettehood.”  So, fingers crossed, I Google the technical definition of a bachelorette.  Can’t say it was the 1st definition, but an intriguing one I found was – bachelorette: an adult female person (as opposed to a man)-  then followed by a quote from what I assume to be from The Golden Days (which of course is an actual precise time period) – “the woman kept house while the man hunted.”

The man hunted? This may have worked one day in time, but these days if you live alone as a woman you hunt and keep the house. Plus from what I can tell, when you  live with a man you will still do some portion of the hunting – hello there is a reason why the common grocery items have commercials targeted towards women more than men.

The Definition of High-Quality Living Single Bachelorette (in my opinion)

So I guess per the above you can say I’ve spend the last year hunting and gathering for myself. Worked hard at it too, working two jobs, nurturing a great romance and relationship with my boyfriend, finding ways for girl time to pop in to keep a social life, stay in touch with family, and in touch with myself all at the same time. When I look back on it, has the life of a bachelorette been oh so good? I watch lot of Sex and the City (which I think all 20 something unmarried women should do) and I believe Carrie Bradshaw to be the ultimate bachelorette. She soul searches, she does amazing things and more importnatly she makes mistakes. She is with her friends nearly every day – which I envy, it’s so hard to get friends together it’s ridiculous! She spends money left and right at bars. Can’t say that my experience as a living single/bachelorette has been as glamorous as this fictional character but I think I’ve done pretty good. I have had gal pal sleepovers, break danced solo w/ my iPod (confessed here for the 1st time), volunteered for a few good causes, ran 100 miles trying to get in my skinny dress (thought it is still on the punch list), cooked myself a meal or two (for better or for worse to the previous item) and somewhat mastered how to kiss my own boo-boo’s when no one else is around. I think this last one is key. Oh I’ve got stories.

Promising Pals Breakfast

Anyone that has had a roommate or lived with a partner probably thinks its a big fantasy to live by yourself. Although I have roommates upstairs I see when I get my mail, get in the driveway etc, I have basically been by myself for about 14 months give or take. I am sure the experience is very different for different people, some people may be able to focus better on themselves when left all alone, whereas others get lonely and eat crappy food more often than not. I think I somewhat in between these two categories, but I tilt towards the more destructive one, yet always bounce back to redeem myself. Google Maggie Lapan and look up running results, can be found at the bottom always coming in last. But you can’t Google Maggie Lapan and find her finish time on the couch now can you?

In the year I’ve lived by myself, there have been times I have liked it, and times I don’t like it at all, and right now I can’t wait for it to come to an end. Most of my friends know by now that I’m moving in with my boyfriend this summer. Very excited about this! We are in the very beginnings stages of planning, but off we go! It is time for the 1.5 yearish run of Mags as the Bachelorette to come to an end! Although I am counting the days to new beginnings, the last date of this here present which was once a beginning – November 22nd 2009 will always hold a place in my heart. I felt like that day I took off the training wheels and took the bike out for a spin. Not sure if I made it around the block or not, or just down the street and back. Metaphorically of course we know this is a big difference.

After my 1st Half Marathon

After my 1st Half Marathon

Well that is all for now,