Hi There, Hiatus Here

I have a Mass Mentoring marathon team appreciation event tonight in Boston, I don’t really feel like going. And I’m sorry for whining on this blog but I wanted to write what I was feeling. I guess I feel like I have moved on from marathon season 2013 and it’s hard to get myself into the mental frame of that mode again. The Marathon Coalition aka our training team reunited about 2 weeks after the marathon for a short run, then I did a race with several teammates a few weeks after that, and  then our crew came back together again for “One Run” to run the final mile of the marathon from Kenmore to Copley. It was a lot of hype in 6 week period, it was actually kind of exhausting.

I have said many many times that one of the biggest benefits of about running is the people you meet – everyone is so supportive, kind spirited and fun. While I miss being immersed into that community — right now I’m finding myself really happy taking a break from running. So tonight when I attend our team appreciate event at The Greatest Bar, I’m not going to think of myself as a “marathoner” at the MMP event, but as a friend- as in a friend to all my running buddies on team MMP. And that’s what we are at the end of the day, just people. Sometimes it nice when it doesn’t have to be all about the run, and that’s why I love running for charity- because it literally isn’t about the run, it’s about the cause.

Now onto an update on the runner Mags. Gotta lay the truth out on the table. I’ve taken about a 30 day hiatus from running. So far during my short hiatus I have:

  • Spent some killer time with 3 awesome people/things— myself, Dan, my kitchen and my home sweet home in general
  • Been more aware of my food choices, and felt like I had the time to plan meals ahead too. The biggest thing is I’ve put a very large space between me and dairy products, reaping the benefits of better skin and a leaner feel in general
  • Done some crafty stuff to get ready for my sisters baby shower this summer – its been rather therapeutic actually!
  • Rearranged my living space, including an improvement in the storage of all my running stuff so when I’m ready to get going again– it’s gonna be great!

And it’s weird because people at work have been telling me I look like I’ve lost weight and that I look “great.” (Though it kinda feels like a backwards compliment.) Either way hopefully it’s fat disappearing from my bod on account of following Weight Watchers a little more religiously and not a loss of any lean mean muscle… 🙂

So that’s the update. I’ve been on a break. It wasn’t planned but I’m glad I took one. Originally post-marathon, I envisioned lots of 5ks and speed-work in my future for the summer and all this time I thought that I had already failed to execute my plan. But wait a minute. It occurred to me just now that summer starts tomorrow! So maybe it wasn’t that much of a break in the long run after all!? (Pun intended.)

I’ll close with a picture of “face” for my friends who grew up in the 90s…. “Hi there, Face here!” – as it inspired the title of this post 🙂

It’s almost summer, who remembers watching a ton of Nick Jr. in the summer even when you were told for it?

Over and out. Cya next time.



54 Days to Boston & Taking It 1 Day At A Time

It’s getting to be more and more official, the marathon in 54 days away!

Things that are greater in quantity than the current X in  t-x days to April 16th (aka the biggest day of my life)

+346 = 400 dollars spent by each charity runner to participate a charity marathon team, $300 to BAA $100 to the charity.

+253 = 307 Shopping days left til Christmas

+47 = 101 Dalmatians (love that movie!)

+26 = 80 Days left to pick up that Mother’s Day card you forgot to send last year. Or in my family’s case, 80 days left to pick up a Graduation card AND a Mother’s day card for mom! Miss Roben Elizabeth is graduating with her her BA in Teacher from Bay Path College on Mother’s day this year =) –> This is continually an inspiration to me in my running, so her graduation day is very special to me!

+22 = 76 trombones led the big parade

+ 56 = 110 cornets right behind

Well enough of that game… (it could go for days!)

Anyways what prompted my rant about 54 days until the marathon was I received this email today confirming that my entry was accepted and my card has been charged the $300 to run! See picture and email inserted. I read it and said to myself “Why Yes, Boston Athletic Association you have that correct, Margaret E. Lapan IS running the Boston Marathon!”

Other training updates:

We ran 18 miles last week, it was a bit windy but nice and sunny, so amen for that. Hopefully this weather will stay dry until April 16th!

We went into Wellesley for the 1st time and turned around at the Welcome to Natick sign, which was exciting for me because I work in Natick. Crazy to think I RAN TO THE TOWN LINE!

I may have panicked the other day when I started to realize that 26 is IN FACT 13 X 2! 16 and 18 miles were definitely more challenging than 13, 14, 15. And to think I’m going to go to 26. But like Coach Rick says, the finish line will be there- stop thinking about it. It’s what you do in the moment. Make that 18 miles to 19 miles count. And that is what I’m going to do this Saturday, hydrate properly, take my scheduled walk breaks- and make each moment count.

Online fundraising for Mags on the Run for the Mass Mentoring Partnership Boston Marathon Team



What is ‘Happiness is Strength?’

So I thought I would explain to the world wide web/the 8 people who view this blog what the name of my blog means.

For anyone who knows Downtown Brattleboro (aka the Vermont town where I’m from) the stores are always changing, but several of them are staples and have been there forever. One of them is a store called Beadniks, and just like it sounds — it sells beads. I’m out of touch on what it’s like to be a kid growing up in Brattleboro now-a-days, but “back in the day” downtown Brattleboro was my after school babysitter. Countless times I roamed small stores like Rhapsody Music, Twice Upon a Time, Galanes and Beadniks and A Candle in the Night after school. I even remember buying soup from Dunkin Donuts when there used to be one where that sushi place is now.  Anyways, I digresss back to Beadniks.

So one day when I was who-knows-how-many-years-old, but I’ll guess that I was 13ish, I found these beaded bracelets that said “Happiness” and” Strength.” The words were on one long bead and the rest of the bracelet was made up of round beads all strung on a soft elastic band. I wore these through my middle school years, a time in which I was a very happy go lucky teen.

I don’t remember the order in which they broke, but I was sad when they did. Like all broken jewelry in my life, I kept the meaningful beads when they broke with the intention of fixing them and I never did. Over time I lost or chose to throw out the beads and the attachment to the words on them were forgotten for a while.

So high school flew by in a minute, college not so much. My college years were nothing like those happy go lucky years of middle school when I bought the bracelets. Gradually I became very judgmental of others and melodramatic about the small stuff. My mind was cluttered and my heart was greedy. Negative Nancy 110%. I look back on it now and know that God wanted me to go through that and I’m a better person for it blah, blah, blah. Luckily I met some great friends who stood by me and didn’t leave me on the side of the road like roadkill, hah. When I tell people about this time in my life they think I’m just being dramatic because they see me as such a positive person. But that change is another conversation for another blog post.

So one day when I was at work I picked up a Good Housekeeping-esque magazine (not entirely sure what stay at-home-mom-ish magazine it was though). I was really just turning the pages not really reading anything when one of those advertisements fell out that are on that rough cardboard, usually to subscribe to the magazine or for weight loss. It was advertising custom made rings for mom’s and grandmother’s to put their kid’s names on them. Something peaked my interest about it and I went to the website immediately. The company’s name was, or still is, Nelle and Lizzy. At this time all they made were personalized rings, but now they do bracelets too that are very Pandora-ey if anyone is looking for some charms. I read about the company and it was very small, a woman-owned-business and as Simmons and a Vermont gal I wanted to give my business to this small start-up. I impulsively decided to design a ring on the website, only problem was I didn’t have any kids (though I’m not entirely sure that is a problem at age 21 now-a-days). Somewhere the Happiness and Strength bracelets came to my mind, I hit click, it was $70 dollars (which I probably charged at the time knowing me) and it turned out to be $70 dollars well spent. At the time I purchased them I was at a relatively good weight, and since my hands are usually the first thing on my body to chub up or slim down when I excercise and eat right, I have a little joke that if the rings don’t fit it means I haven’t been very “strong” or  “happy” and to need to rectify the situation immediately. Well the next year those rings didn’t fit that well at all I will tell you that. But they fit now and have for a while!

I wear the ring on my left hand right now. I wear my “ugly ring” (see image) on my right-hand ring-finger. People often wonder if i’m married with my Happiness and Strength ring. Which I guess you could say I am, I am committed to myself, to creating my own happiness every day, from the minute I put it on in the morning and always seeking ways to build the walls around me a little stronger before I take it off at night.

Drips into the Watering Can: Scenes from mile 9.3 of the Boston Marathon Route

So I’ve been holding out on many people in my life. For a few years now I’ve have been managing something called my “Watering Can.” No one should be too shocked to hear something so weird, because hey, that is who I am. It’s basically about seeking out different things to do, to stay busy, with the intention that the time spent at said activity will come back to me later and be a positive memory or experience.

The things I’ve done over the last few years have ranged from, volunteering for marathon related events, surfing churches, saying YES PLEASE to random events that you see on Facebook and initial think “that sounds interesting but I’d rather stay home”  such as friend’s comedy debut or concert where you will likely be flying solo because other friends replied with a “no thanks”.  I’ve tried to volunteer at local wedding venues too but no one has taken me up on that offer (yet).

I’ve really enjoyed filling up my “watering can” one drip at a time with random odd and ends experiences, so here are some photos from the last few drops that were added to the can – and appropriately have to do with actual water! Here are scenes from route 9.3 of the Boston Marathon route on 135. I was given this opportunity by volunteering for the American Liver Foundation Boston Marathon Training Team.

8 am water and Gatorade is set up!

Apparently we had the best spread since the start, jelly beans, swedish fish, M&Ms, apples and oranges


It was 25 degrees when I woke up at morning. The runners enjoyed the food but the water was a little too cold to drink!



The pretzels and swedish fish were quite popular. But the fruit I brought started to go eventually. Luckily I got 13 lbs of fruit for $8, thank you BJS!


St Patty's day theme run this week, a week late, but better late than never I guess?



St Patrick’s Day themed run, a little late? But better late than never? How that baby didn’t cry in the cold I don’t know!

Hungry runners approaching


Inspried by these runners who went 20 miles that day in the wind and cold I went for my long run that afternoon. 6.8 miles from my house in Brighton in a loop along the edge of Watertown and Cambridge back home. Oh ya and I saw a man projectile vomiting at mile 6, gross.

The wind was faster than my stride, but I wasn't on the couch 😉






Living Single, Dream or Nightmare?

After ABC’s show The Bachelor launched its finale last night, of course they are already planning the equally loved Bachelorette. I no longer watch any of these shows, as I work on Mondays and don’t have DVR. Shocking on the last part I know, seems everyone has DVR these days!

So if I didn’t watch it, why am I writing about the Bachelorette? There is a point I promise. I found out I have a roommate moving in next month, so I am nostalgically laying to rest the year and some change that came before , a time I am hoping to define  as my “bachelorettehood.”  So, fingers crossed, I Google the technical definition of a bachelorette.  Can’t say it was the 1st definition, but an intriguing one I found was – bachelorette: an adult female person (as opposed to a man)-  then followed by a quote from what I assume to be from The Golden Days (which of course is an actual precise time period) – “the woman kept house while the man hunted.”

The man hunted? This may have worked one day in time, but these days if you live alone as a woman you hunt and keep the house. Plus from what I can tell, when you  live with a man you will still do some portion of the hunting – hello there is a reason why the common grocery items have commercials targeted towards women more than men.

The Definition of High-Quality Living Single Bachelorette (in my opinion)

So I guess per the above you can say I’ve spend the last year hunting and gathering for myself. Worked hard at it too, working two jobs, nurturing a great romance and relationship with my boyfriend, finding ways for girl time to pop in to keep a social life, stay in touch with family, and in touch with myself all at the same time. When I look back on it, has the life of a bachelorette been oh so good? I watch lot of Sex and the City (which I think all 20 something unmarried women should do) and I believe Carrie Bradshaw to be the ultimate bachelorette. She soul searches, she does amazing things and more importnatly she makes mistakes. She is with her friends nearly every day – which I envy, it’s so hard to get friends together it’s ridiculous! She spends money left and right at bars. Can’t say that my experience as a living single/bachelorette has been as glamorous as this fictional character but I think I’ve done pretty good. I have had gal pal sleepovers, break danced solo w/ my iPod (confessed here for the 1st time), volunteered for a few good causes, ran 100 miles trying to get in my skinny dress (thought it is still on the punch list), cooked myself a meal or two (for better or for worse to the previous item) and somewhat mastered how to kiss my own boo-boo’s when no one else is around. I think this last one is key. Oh I’ve got stories.

Promising Pals Breakfast

Anyone that has had a roommate or lived with a partner probably thinks its a big fantasy to live by yourself. Although I have roommates upstairs I see when I get my mail, get in the driveway etc, I have basically been by myself for about 14 months give or take. I am sure the experience is very different for different people, some people may be able to focus better on themselves when left all alone, whereas others get lonely and eat crappy food more often than not. I think I somewhat in between these two categories, but I tilt towards the more destructive one, yet always bounce back to redeem myself. Google Maggie Lapan and look up running results, can be found at the bottom always coming in last. But you can’t Google Maggie Lapan and find her finish time on the couch now can you?

In the year I’ve lived by myself, there have been times I have liked it, and times I don’t like it at all, and right now I can’t wait for it to come to an end. Most of my friends know by now that I’m moving in with my boyfriend this summer. Very excited about this! We are in the very beginnings stages of planning, but off we go! It is time for the 1.5 yearish run of Mags as the Bachelorette to come to an end! Although I am counting the days to new beginnings, the last date of this here present which was once a beginning – November 22nd 2009 will always hold a place in my heart. I felt like that day I took off the training wheels and took the bike out for a spin. Not sure if I made it around the block or not, or just down the street and back. Metaphorically of course we know this is a big difference.

After my 1st Half Marathon

After my 1st Half Marathon

Well that is all for now,




Some might call me a loser for starting a blog, but I just can’t sit around anymore. Sit around watching other people’s lives move forward. Moving on with babies, weddings, honeymoons and trips around the world. I need to map out my trip, my road to fame.

I’m 24, happier than I’ve ever been, but my day-to-day is lacking substance and direction. I can’t think of any better time to discover my gift and to begin to cultivate it into something huge.

Something huge defined:

Radio Talk Show Host

A new SNL comedian, that is actually funny!

Motivational Friend available for hire

A curvy runway model

Miss America

A Creative Consultant at Hallmark- that doesn’t have to know how to draw- but says “I love it, but I hate this about it, change it to black and white- fix the rest and have it on my desk by Friday at noon. Oh, and call Sophie’s school- she’ll be out tomorrow. I’m taking her to the opera.” Sophie is 6.

Interior Decorator for Restaurants and Hotels

Personal Shopper for someone with a large house, skinny waist, and no personal preferences whatsoever- but likes change CONSTANTLY

A Mom of 5

Independent Wedding/Event Planner

Trivia Host

Independent Slogan Writer

Personal Budget Goddess for teens and young adults

Board Game Designer

Free-lance Brainstorming Machine



Can I do it all?

Realistically… definitely.


Ready or not here I come.....